Evaporator and steam generator

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Thermosyphon evaporator / reboiler Droplet separator Kettle reboiler Combined Steam generator Applications Condensers Solvent Condenser Vent Condenser Evaporators and Cascades Thermosyphon Processes Kettle Type Evaporator Steam Generator

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Configuration of Evaporators for Once-Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators of Combined …

21/5/2019 · Various designs are examined of evaporators for horizontal or vertical once-through heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) of combined-cycle units. Special attention is given to the Benson boilers manufactured by Siemens, which are most widely used now.

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Steam Generator We have developed a highly efficient steam generator (reboiler) with a quick reaction time and low pressure drop. Fluid in the shell side is fed from the bottom, and steam (hydrocarbon) is generated through the plate pack.

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